I am a multimedia artist and experience designer for social equity based in Washington, DC. As a New York City native, I have always used urban landscapes and environments to ignite my creativity. I create art using photography, video, projections, data and mixed physical mediums. An integral aspect of my work highlights identity and intersectionality. At the core, I am a staunch advocate for increased diverse representation in all sectors and this is the theme of my artistic and educational work. More recently, my work focuses on incorporating data in a creative way to further understand and combat social injustices.

My artistic career has revolved around youth and community work as a teaching artist, empowering youth to create and amplify their voice. As a teaching artist at CSTO in Boston, I supported 10-15 teens in their 2nd Annual Art Show and Perspectives of Power Art Show as well as helped them produce their first podcast series, Castle Speaks. More recently, I have exhibited my own work, In and Around the Vagina at the Femme Nouveau, 2nd Annual Feminist Art Gallery, and The Slave Auction Block in the View Points show at Emerson College's Huret and Spector Gallery. I have worked on several projects over the past year that highlight identity, education, technology, and data for social change.

I hold a Master of Arts in Civic Media, Art and Practice from the Engagement Lab at Emerson College where I designed a creative data literacy curriculum for local public libraries in Boston. I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Film and New Media studies from Wheaton College in Massachusetts where I began my interests in research, design, and visual culture.